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Hey guys. I unfortunately no-longer use this blog, and havn’t for quite a while. Although I’ve been posting on my new blog, and plan on posting hopefully, quite often. So if you’d like to check that out than please do. I’ve found myself leaning more towards candid portraits, although that may have much to do with weather and various things stopping me from playing around with other styles and such. So please feel free to check that out. Much thanks, and have a wonderful day.

No End
'A Nomad I Once Met'
A fascinating man I met along Rideau street as I did some street photography. I never caught his name, but the conversation began with him saying “It’s good to see SOMEONE using a real camera”, as I walked by with my 35mm Canon AE-1. Initially I was a bit taken aback, but quickly remembered my manners, and so a conversation pursued. Though the topic was not mentioned, he didn’t seem to be homeless. Not stripped of his home, and possessions due to addiction or anything of that sort, but instead saw and pursued an unconventional way of life. I make this assumption as he said he had walked 35km the day before, returning from camping for a friends birthday. Regardless, the man was kind and appreciated Ottawa for what it had to give him, as opposed to the many other cities. We spoke about how people took Ottawa for granted, not MONEY, but their surroundings. The conversation ended with a “well I don’t want to keep you up” a “well thanks, and have a good day” and lastly a “you too, and I must say a conversation goes much further then some change”. I soon realized I had an abundance of change on me, and returned to him. I exchanged some change for a quick pic, and he obviously appreciated candid photography because he made a point of not looking into the lens.
It was a fun day of photography, but this ‘Nomad’ made it all the better. So thank you Nomad.
First photo taken with my new Nikon D7000 that isn’t of random things in my room, and to think my mom wanted me to delete it…
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